To add
To check in
To connect
To scrobble
To block
To stalk
To re-tweet
To torrent
To re-blog
To share
To browse
To log out
To follow
To crash
To cyber bully
To edit
To upload
To download
To Periscope
To GChat
To iMessage
To live-tweet
To Snapchat
To enter
To Instagram
To Google
To email
To open
To check
To buffer
To favourite
To imbed
To inbox
To launch
To delete
To spam
To leak
To like
To search
To un-follow
To unsubscribe
To YouTube
To Vemno
To Pay-pal
To Google-map
To deactivate
To hide
To endorse
To post
To subscribe
To link
To log in
To pin
To install
To send
To Skype
To star
To stream
To watch
To WhatsApp
To un-friend
To unlike
To tweet
To de-tag
To forward
To reply
To selfie
To Spotify
To double-tap
To meme
To mute
To lurk
To upvote
To attach
To ping
To poke
To report
To Facebook
To exit
To surf
To phish
To encode
To buy
To load
To sell
To carbon copy
To bookmark
To re-pin
To go viral
To swipe
To Netflix and chill
To ad-block
To auto-correct
To go incognito
To FaceTime
To trend
To troll
To tag
To hack
To frape
To host
To unzip
To zip
To blog
To vlog
To hashtag
To mention
To Dropbox
To hangout
To video chat
To game
To refresh
To go live
To mirror
To visit
To super like
To geotag
To message
To enter full screen
To downvote